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  • PA Resources Current Focus

    PA Resources is currently focusing its efforts on selling its assets in order to pay creditors in accordance with the court approved 2015 Reorganisation Plan. When assets have been sold, creditors will be paid according to the Reorganisation Plan which can be found here.

    Under the heading Investors the company inform the shareholders and bondholders on the Reorganisation Plan. 
    There are also answers to common questions from shareholders and bondholders. 

  • PA Resources SEK bond delisted as of 2 February 2016

    PA Resources AB's SEK denominated bond is delisted from the Nasdaq Stockholm exchange. Last day of trading on the exchange was1 February 2016. After the delisting it is continued possible to trade the bond "over the counter". For more information regarding the consequences of the delisting please contact your bank or financial advisor.  

  • PA Resources share delisted as of 18 January 2016

    Following the board of directors’ decision to divest all of PA Resources' assets (see press release 17 November 2015) and distribute the proceeds to its creditors, the company applied for delisting of its share from the Nasdaq Stockholm exchange. The last day for trading the PA Resources share was the 15 January 2016. PA Resources does not offer any trading in the share and there is no possibility for a share redemption. The company encourages shareholders to contact their bank or financial advisor to understand the consequences of the delisting.

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30 Jun 2016
Annual General Meeting 2016

The AGM is postponed, date will be confirmed later.