PA Resources owns shares in an exploration licence offshore Western Greenland. Greenland is one of the largest areas in the world that still remains to be explored for oil and gas. The first few years work will be primarily oriented towards the collection and analysis of seismic data and other geophysical data. In June 2010, PA Resources acquired up to around 6,300 kilometres of 2D seismic data in Block 2008/17 offshore West Greenland.

PA Resources' licence on Greenland

License Operator Partners
1 License 2008/17 (Block 8) PA Resources (87,5%) Nuna Oil (12,5%)

Environment, health and safety
PA Resources UK Ltd, responsible for our Greenlandic operations, has achieved certification to the international standard for environmental management, ISO 14001:2004 (E).

Industry organisation
PA Resources is one of the founders of an oil industry organisation on Greenland - the Greenland Oil Industry Association.
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