PA Resources is one of the larger oil producers in Tunisia. The oil is mainly produced from the offshore Didon field, complemented by three small onshore fields. The Group has an office in Tunis and employees located at the production facilities.

PA Resources' licences in Tunisia

License Operator Partners
1 Douleb PA Resources (70%)* Serept (30%)
2 Semmama PA Resources (70%)* Serept (30%)
3 Tamesmida PA Resources (95%)* Serept (5%)
4 Didon PA Resources (100%)
5 Jelma** PA Resources (70%) Topic (30%)
6 Makthar** PA Resources (100%)
7 Zarat** PA Resources (100%)
8 Jenin Centre Chinook Energy Inc (65%) PA Resources (35%)

* Operatorship outsourced to Serept.
** ETAP has the right to take a 50% interest in the Jelma licence and 55% in the Makthar and Zarat licences once discoveries have been made on the licence and a development plan has been submitted. Until such time, ownership is shared as shown above.